Sunday, February 15, 2009

posting instructions...

hey guys... with a good number of you having shipped out to post and many more to follow, i thought a group blog might be a good idea to keep track of everyone's post updates.

those of you with blogs already, we can add to the blogroll on the side- (see bridget's "shenyanigans") and those who don't have one can just add posts/ pics/ etc to the main content page.

i went ahead and made a shell of a site...

i can make it a little fancier later with a nicer header-- but this should work for now:

to add content, go to: and then type in:

username: 141A100
password: abc1234567

we can also make this password protected, so only members of our class can see the blog. let me know what you think... or if my instructions didn't make sense.